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Is Invisalign for you?

Dr. Wyatt LOVES using Invisalign on teens and adults.  He was first certified as an Invisalign provider in 2001, which means if you are a teen, Dr. Wyatt has been using Invisalign longer than you’ve been alive!  He’s a Platinum Invisalign provider, meaning that no matter what your teeth and bite problems are, he’s seen it and treated it successfully with Invisalign many times.  That’s a lot of expertise and mastery that you can trust in!  YES, Invisalign is for you!

Invisalign’s Convenience

Convenience is king, and Invisalign allows for fewer appointments, no emergency appointments, easy brushing, and no food restrictions.  Invisalign doesn’t interfere with sports, playing instruments, or smiling for photos, so athletes and selfie-conscious teens and adults are all smiling!

We know you will love us, but that doesn’ t mean you want to come see us every few weeks.  Imagine getting a perfect smile but only needing to come to the office once every 4 months!  That’s only possible with Dr. Wyatt’s innovative treatment design and the Invisalign system!

Invisalign is the future!

Dr. Wyatt believes that as technology continues to evolve, using clear aligners will be the norm in orthodontic treatment.  His experience using digital scanning and computerized treatment planning allows him to more precisely plan the details of your smile.  That means it’s never been easier and faster to get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted!

Dentists / Mail Order Invisalign

Beware – all results are NOT created equal!

DYI smile clubs and some general dentists aggressively advertise that they can straighten your teeth with Invisalign or something similar.

Picture this:  You want to travel from New York to London.  Invisalign is the airplane.  Your orthodontist is the licensed pilot with years of specialized training and vast flying experience.  Your general dentist has played a flying game on his PS4, but his expertise is driving cars.  The DIY smile club offers to sell you some airplane parts for cheap.

How will you choose to travel? 

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