Are “Frictionless Braces” really better?

Dr. Wyatt has 15 years experience using the best technology in braces and aligner therapy.  He can answer this question for you! 

Frictionless Braces

The most popular type of Frictionless Braces are the DAMON appliance system.  They put a lot of money into marketing, making some very bold claims.  Those claims, in fact, got them in very hot water for false advertising!  So be wary of things that seem too good to be true.  Dr. Wyatt has used Damon braces in the past, but realized that it doesn’t speed up treatment AT ALL!  In fact, it makes getting a very perfect finish harder, since the wires are more sloppy in the big bulky Damon bracket.  That’s why Dr. Wyatt uses the best in small, comfortable, high tech braces on the market today.  Dr. Wyatt uses only the best for his patients!  Learn more here:

Wyatt Orthodontics Braces

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