Ceramic braces are a sheer or tooth-colored choice for teeth straightening. They’re made of ceramic brackets, they are more rounded than metal brackets, metal arch wires dyed to blend in with your natural teeth shade, and elastic bands to help drag your teeth into correct alignment with time. They’re similar to traditional braces in so many ways like the course of treatment but offer a more discreet look to the patients wanting to avoid the look of metal brackets & do not want to compromise their appearance. 

These clear ceramic braces can correct the dental issues as metal braces and invisible aligners. Common issues that ceramic braces can correct are bite issues, misalignment, crooked teeth, and mismatched dental midlines. These issues are responsible for improper chewing patterns, jaw growth, and patient uneasiness with the look of their teeth and smile.

How Do I Prepare Myself Before Getting Ceramic Braces?

Once your orthodontist in Claremore suggests ceramic braces, seeing your demand for not compromising with the facial appearance, as a solution to your dental problems, you can start preparing for your first orthodontic appointment. This procedure is somewhat easy since braces are a non-invasive procedure—you’ll have to make sure to visit a dentist for your regular cleaning and checkup so that you are free from any dental issues like cavities or fillings, and thoroughly brushed and flossed before your procedure.

Healthy teeth and a proper dental care routine at home are the best ways to guarantee that your teeth adjust well to the ceramic braces. After getting ceramic braces, you must ensure that to eat foods that aren’t hard, chewy, or crunchy. Prepare some soft foods like yogurt, soup, bananas, and protein shakes for the first few days of having ceramic braces. Buy orthodontic wax, which can help protect your gums and lips from annoyance caused by the brackets and wire ends as it may poke your mouth. 

How Do Ceramic Braces work?

A ceramic bracket will be bound to each of your misaligned teeth.

Each bracket is customized to move the tooth to its proper location and angle. The bracket has a place for the wire that will create an arch around the teeth. Using tender pressure, the wire moves the teeth into their ideal positions. Once the ceramic braces have done their job relying on the extent of your last dental state, your orthodontist in Claremore will provide you with retainers for some time to help keep your teeth in position.

Some time ago, teeth straightening was mostly seen as a corrective treatment for children and teens only, but nowadays adults can also benefit from this quick and proven way to get straighter teeth in a fairly short portion of time. With ceramic braces, you can smile with confidence. 

Ceramic Braces in Claremore

The ceramic braces are discreet and hardly noticeable to the people near you. These braces can restore your smile without diverting you from your everyday routine and career goals, making them the ideal treatment for patients who want the finest, fastest, and most aesthetically-appealing option for teeth straightening. To get ceramic braces in Claremore, contact us or visit our dental office today!

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